Hosted ByJosh, Theo, & Bovi

Three guys, plus occasionally some other cool people, jump in to talk about the latest and greatest news in geek and pop culture.

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The BadCast

Hosted BySteve Bovi

An exploration on the creation, history, and origins on the various wrongdoers, bad guys, and ne'er-do-wells of pop culture.

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Play It Off! with Theo & Al

Hosted ByTheoderic Ripper

Join Theo and Al as they traverse through a plethora of different video games, with genres ranging far and wide, all while incapacitated...

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Hosted ByTheoderic Ripper

Join Theoderic Ripper on a weekly journey through a crazy, horror-inspired tour of his mind, filled to the brim with artistic endeavors.

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Hosted ByJosh Lanphear

Jump into an always changing menagerie of pop culture and differing forms of graphic design with Josh Lanphear, aka PHRHD.

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