Designer of everything, host of Analog, design streamer on Twitch, and lover of Weeb things.


Host of Analog, Play It Off, Creative Twitch streamer, and creator of horrifying things.


Host of Analog, and The BadCast. Immense lover of pro-wrestling, and Lobo.


Co-Host on BadCast, also a lover of pro-wrestling, and a lot of other sports, and Superman.


Heatvision Entertainment's Social Media Mage, and PR specialist.


Some of the awesome brands that we use for recording, and streaming.

I’ll do you one better…

Why Is Heatvision?

Heatvision Entertainment is a collaboration of like minded super geeks who just want our voices to be heard, in a world where we already live and breathe the world of Geek.

A gathering of creators of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds – we’ve banded together to create programming on every platform we can think of to talk about everything we know and love. Join us as we live, laugh, and love our nostalgic past and ponder the nerdy future.

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