Join Bovi as he explores the creation, origins, and history of pop culture’s most dangerous bad guys, villains, and ne’er do wells.

Badcast – Syndrome

Bovi and Andy return to celebrate the release of The Incredibles 2 after a long, 14-year wait, by chatting about the family’s nemesis: Syndrome!

The guys chat about his origins, as well as in depth details on Syndrome’s diabolical plan to both restore, and destroy the world of superheroes, not to mention all his crazy tech!

BadCast – Bowser

Bovi is once again joined by Theo and Andy to talk about the most notorious villain in all of video games: Bowser!

His origins, history, creation, and many crazy schemes in an attempt to find love are all spotlighted here as the guys dig in across the many incarnations of the Koopa King!

BadCast – The Undertaker (Pt. 1)

Bovi is joined by Theo and Andy to talk about one of the most iconic, and villainous, pro wrestlers of all time: The Undertaker!

Part 1 of The Undertaker covers his history, and origins, as well as the first several years of his illustrious career in the then-World Wrestling Federation.

BadCast (Pilot) – Thanos

Introducing The BadCast! The show that covers the history, origins, and craziest facts on pop culture’s biggest baddies, villains, antagonists, and ne’er-do-wells!

The Pilot episode talks about the long, storied past of the biggest villain in cinema history (at least from a box office standpoint), and the big-bad of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Thanos!